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Answer Key SSC Sub inspector (SI) in Delhi Police,CISF,NCB Exam held on 23/06/2013

Written By Winston Bensford on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 | 1:28 AM

Finally the exam has done well by ssc at various centers across India successfully

The Candidates are very eager to know about their scoring, result
I have solved many question related to Reasoning,Math, General Awareness, English
So I want to Share my knowledge with u, Hopefully!!!

General Awareness Questions

Total No. of Questions- 50
Negative Marking -  1/4

01. Which of the following is an indirect tax?
Ans- Excise Duty

02. Closed Economy Means..?
Ans- A country having no imports and exports.

03. If a firm is operating at loss in the short period in perfect competition , it should..:
 Ans- Continue to operate as long as it covers even the variable costs.

04. Which one is not a function of money?
Ans- Store of Value.

05. At Break Even Point ??
Ans- the firm is at zero profit point..

06. Which one of the following is opposit to democratic state??
Ans- Despotism.

07. Gandhi's concept of Trusteeship?
Ans- Transform the Capitalistics society in to an egalitatian one.

08. Who said,"Where there is no Law,there is no Freedom"??
Ans- Locke.

09. Which article of the indian Constitution provides for equal opportunities for all citizen in public employment?
Ans- Article-16

10. For which of the following commissions ,there is no provision in the Indian Constitution??
Ans- Planning Commission.

11. Taxes ib orifessuibs can be levies by:??
Ans- both by state and union government.

12. Which of the following languages is not specified in the Eight schedule of the Indian Constitution ??
Ans- Sanskrit.

13. Which of the following statement about the Chief justice of india is not correct?
Ans- He appoints the Chief justice of all High Courts.

14.Which of the following is the principal source of information on Ashoka's campaign agains Kalinga?
Ans- Rock Edict XIII.

15. Which sultan received a robe of honour from the caliph?
Ans- Ala-ud-din Khilji.

16. The Gandhara art flourished under..:??
Ans- The Kushans

17. Match the following
Chalukya-            Vatapi
Hoysalas-             Dwarasamudra
Rashtrakutas-      Malkhed
Kakatiyas-           Warangal

18. Match the following-
Hunter's Commission-                   1882
Wardha Scheme-                           1937
University's Act-                           1904   
Radhakrishnan Commission-       1948

19. Contour line is the imaginary line joining places of equal:
Ans- Elivation

20. Lake formed in a cut off river meander is called:
Ans- Ox-Bow Lake

21. Sandstone is metamorphosed to :
Ans- Quartzite

22. Which of the following is not a line of demarcation between two Countries?
Ans- Internation Date line

23. Which state in India occupies the same ranking position in respect of area and population?
Ans- Gujrat (Not 100% Sure)

24. Wilting of plants occurs due to excessive:
Ans- Guttation

25. Panda belongs to the same famil as that of:
Ans- Bear.

26. The casual organism of Polio is:
Ans- A Virous.

27. Haptens are:?
Ans- Antibodies.

28. Gypsum is used for improvement of :
Ans- Acidic Soils

29. Wings of birds are:
Ans- Modified fore limbs.

30. In the nuclear reactor ,moderators are used to:
Ans- Slow down the neutrons.

31. Which of the following supports particle nature of photons?
Ans- Photoelectric effect

32. Indicate the correct arrangement for electromagnetic radiation in order of their increasing wavelength:
Ans- X-Rays-Vision-Infrared-Microwave

33. Instrument used to study the behaviour of a vibrating string is:
Ans- Sonometer

34. The telephone line is connect through the modem on the computer.

35. Which of the following is not an operating system?
Ans- Single user-Multitasking

36. Which of the following element is not radio-active:
Ans- Zirconium.

37. The heaviest naturally occuring element is:
Ans- Uranium

38. Sulphur dioxide bleaches colouring matter by:
Ans- xxxxxxxx

39. A spontaneous change is one in which there is:
Ans- A Lowering of entropy.

40. Who is the chair person of the National Green Tribunal?
Ans- Justic Swatantra Kumar.

41. Which of the following statements about PYROLYSIS, which is a process for solid waste treatment is incorrect?
Ans- xxxxxx

42. The rapidly growing mass of phytoplankton covering the surface water of lake or pond is known as:
Ans- Water hyacinth.

43. Which country wong the sultan Azlan Shah Hockey tournament in Malasia in March 2013?
Ans- Australia(seventh times)

44. The world's tallest statue of Mahatma Gandhi is in Patana(71 ft.)

45. Which is the leading state in India in "Ship Breaking" industry ?
Ans- Gujrat

46. When Margaret Thatcher was P.M. with which country Britain waged a war to regain control of Falkland Islands?
Ans- Argentina.

47. Among the following states, which one has adopted the "Neem" tree as the state tree?
Ans- Andhra Pradesh.

48. Which is the first state in India to enact the "Food Security Act" ?
Ans- Chattisgarh

49. Sugatha Kumari chosen for the award of the Saraswati Samman 2012 is an eminent poetess in........
Ans- Malayalam.

50. Where was the Fifth BRICS summit hosted by South Africa in March 2013  ?
Ans- Durban(South Africa)
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