Interview Experience of Successful candidates

selection is incomplete without an interview session with the HR heads of that organization.If the posts are to be filled through a competitive exam, more weightage is given to test your interpersonal skills.In this season of common exams for bank jobs, your final chance to outrank the competition is also through this.

Preparing for bank interviews doesn't stop with memorizing banking terminologies & current affairs.It also includes your looks, body language and communication skills.

Mr.keshev singh (MBA) from Jharkhand who had scored 165 (Gen) in IBPS PO CWE was shortlisted for personal interview in UCO bank .He shares that experience in his own words,

The Interview was scheduled at 9.30 AM, and so I reached the venue by 9 AM. All the necessary documents were verified for the first 15 mins. after which I was asked to wait for my turn.Although excited, I was confident.After 30 minutes, I was called.

I entered the room that had a panel comprising of 5 members, including a woman. Wishing them good morning, I took a seat & got ready for the questions.

Q:Partnership and Company – What is the difference?
I answered in 2 sentences each.They asked few questions within my answer.

Q:How many people are necessary for partnerships?
Sir, minimum two persons are required.

>>What is the maximum limit?
Sorry sir. am not sure..

Q: How have you completed both BSc botany & BCA in 2010?
A: Sir, it takes approx. 5 years complete graduation from SKM Univ , Dumka as the classes are irregular.So I have done BCA through Distance education during that period.

>> What is the reason behind irregular classes in that Univ, & why did you choose to study there if you knew about it earlier?
Sir, Jharkhand is called the “Land of Forests” and tribals who come under ST category constitute majority of population.If they have not prepared for the exams a revolt is launched against conducting tests which results in such delays.But since they get relaxation of 10 years in Govt jobs, students like me have to suffer.Moreover my financial condition was not sound at that time which pushed me to do degree from that University itself.

Q. Who is the Governor of Jharkhand?
Its Syed Ahmed.

Q.Who is the Governor of Bihar? 
D.Kunwar (I was asked what does D stand for & I replied Its Devanand Kunwar)

Q.How many districts are in Jharkhand and Bihar? 
24 Districts in Jharkhand and 38 in Bihar

Q.Where is the Head Office of Syndicate Bank located?
Manipal, Karnataka

Q.Tell us something about your family background? 
answered for about 2 minutes.

Q.What is a Bank and its Functions?
I have prepared already so explained it confidently

Q.What is Bill of Exchange?
Again, responded with the correct answer

Q.What does BRA stands for and when was it formed? 
It is Banking Regulation Act, which came into effect in the year 1949

Q.When was the company’s act framed?

Q:Name the chief justice of India? 
S.H Kapadia.

Q.Who is the chief election commissioner of India?

Q.Do you have a bank account? In which bank? 
I have an account in State Bank of India.

Q.What are the essential things to open an account in a bank?
According to RBI’s KYC (i.e Know Your Customer) norms Photo ID proof, residential address proof, Financial status, Occupation and few other personal information are essential for opening a bank account. (the mam said ok, good)

Q.What is the interest rate currently offered by SBI to you?
Previously it was 4%, but with RBI allowing banks to decide their own SB rate, I think its 4.5% in SBI but am not sure.

Q.What is money laundering? 
It is a process of concealing the source of money received.

Q.What are your positive qualities?
I know how to maintain accuracy which is a very vital quality required by people like me who wants to be a banker.Also I posses good communication skills and hence I am clearly able to express my thoughts to others.

Q.What is SIDBI & what are its function? 
SIDBI stands for Small Industrial Development Bank of India.It provides loans specially to small scale industries.

Q.What is your goal in life?
Sir, life is not a bed of roses rather it is full of challenges.I want to get through these challenges & emerge a winner.

--- My interview lasted for about 25 minutes.All the panel members were very good & hopefully satisfied with me.Looking forward for the results.

That was a definitely a good session.What you people think?

On behalf of's readers we would like to thank & wish Mr.Keshev singh  the best times ahead! His experience, we hope would have helped others get a feel of how to prepare for interviews in banks.

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