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Iron Man Marvel Movie Concept- 

Iron man Home Returns

01 John Jupiter: Main character
 02 Bella: John’s childhood friend and a “Field” agent working for ISMO.
 03 Jerry: Bella’s colleague
04 Boat: John’s assistant
05 Lucy: AI program developed by John Jupiter
06 Neke Murri: Field director
It is a story of John Jupiter. He is an extra ordinary student of Chelmsford University. He is a student of electric, mechanical, computer and space science. He topped in his university every year. But he is an eccentric person. Besides it he is an extraordinary capability of learning and implementing.
In his early age of 13 years he prepares an artificial intelligence program “Lucy” which can secure computer network with its own capabilities. His best quality is solving the error, codes or incomplete equations.
He always believe in “Nothing is Everything”
At the age of 4 years-(year 1986)
Mid night: 10:00 pm (Indian time)
Location: at terris of his home.
John asking to his father- “How many stars are there in the Sky, who made this? Can we count these stars? Can we go there in the sky?
Father (Vein Jupiter: root scientist working for govt. secret explore mission): sky is endless and no one can count this? We cannot go there now but in future we can explore them.
Year 2018:
Location: ISMO Head quarter at Washington DC
ISMO worked as space related equipment manufacturing and research center.
Time: 1:45 pm
Director asked Bella for “D43” project.
Bella told him that project is under process and they are so close to complete it. Director told her he want result only not theory. After office Bella go for dinner at her grandmother home. Her grandmother’s mixer not working. Her grandfather suggests her to repair it at John Shop.
Note: Now John is working on his shop as an engineer.
Her GM refuses to go there because last time she repairs her washing machine there and she has to wait for 2 years for that. Bella remember that john is the same person whose book “sister planets” she read last year semester. Bella talk to projector head about the “iscan” machine. He told Bella it is a complicated project and his best team is working on this project from last 2 years but something is missing in calculation so that after 250 experiments they are failed.
Location Bella’s Home:
Time: 09:15 PM
Bella saw the news paper headline “John again topped the university”
Now Bella tried to know about john and his capabilities and college life she search on her computer his written books she read some of part of John’s written book “the 10th dimensions”. Bella steal the top secret information of NASA server and come to know that the Pluto planet was renamed as asteroid with the help of John Jupiter. Now Bella has a hope of john can solve their problem. But Bella still doesn’t know that the John was the same person she plays with in her childhood.
But before approach, Bella talk to ISMO head for the project. Director refused to allow this but she told him about how he solve the Pluto miscalculation at the end she convinced him for John.
Bella take a blueprint of the project with her.

Location: at John shop.
Bella and Jerry arrived there, Jerry tell john about him and problem but john refused to do it for them.
Jerry makes fun of john and betrayed john for his work but john didn’t show his interest.
Bella tells John that she has read many of his published books and she is one of his fans, she loved science and projects
John asked Jerry to fill the form and submit it. If he would lucky he will do his work
Boat (his assistant) gave him a form and told him to write the problem and submit the blueprint of the project.
Jerry enters inside the shop and amaze to see the big warehouse inside the shop of john.
Boat told him to submit his form inside a big underground chamber which is full of forms,
Boat told him that the problem is choose randomly if he would get lucky john will do his work.
Jerry told Bella John is worthless for them because “time doesn’t matters for him.”

Bella talk to his project head and asked for money offer to John then Neke Murry call Bella and tells her that at the age of 6 years she used to play with John when his dad was passed away and John become a lonely person.
Bella offered John money but he refused to take this project now. She offered 1 millions $ to john but John is not interested. Bella tells him that she is “Lucy” his childhood friend and John become so happy to see her after a long time. Bella tell John how this project can explore universe and its mystery which can reveal the truth behind planets and galaxy. Thus we can make safe and harmless environment that can save humanity on Earth.
John finally agrees and started this project:
At 06:00 PM
John say boat to go home and leave him alone.
John shut the doors and inside his warehouse there is a biometric secret lab inside the warehouse which is a hidden place. There is a AI program named “Lucy” which is his assistant.
Note: Now Lucy is more advanced AI program.
John commands Lucy to analyze the blueprint and find the error in it.
Lucy process and solve the error code and told john there is a lack of power these IC cannot handle this type of machine. John places the big IC or booster in it and project is ready for testing.
John become so tired and command Lucy to start the sleeping program called “Lost”
John steps on an automated revolving machine and lay inside a cabinet. Lucy starts the program. Some kind of blue colour serum is being injected in john body. And machine start revolving like a circus rites.
Location: at john ware house
John keeps the special type of glass on his nose and told boat to power on
John takes a photo of his favorite car which is gifted by his father on his 18th birthday.
Flashing……of light!
Boat becomes almost blind (not exactly) to see the flashing of the machine.
When john saw the source data or picture of his car he became shocked! John calls Bella that he couldn’t do this job. Bella don’t believe on john and asked him to another try.
John refused to do so… After some time Bella and John like each other and start dating...

At John’s warehouse:
John sees Nake Murri and shocked to see him, and asked how he could enter in his secured warehouse without his knowledge. Neke Murri told him with the help of “deco” device he create a loop in his security system.
Neke murri told john this project is not for welfare. It’s for the war. It can scan any kind of nuclear device and steal all the relevant information and create a blueprint of that.
Neke murri told him how we could use this for many of bad situations overcome.
Neke murri told John that he has worked with his dad (vein Jupiter) but unfortunately “Decra” agent blame his father for security leaks and killed his father in jail also. He also know why John didn’t sleep and have to take serum while sleeping. But John didn’t respond to Neke.
Neke murri asked him to show his project?
John show him the iscan machine and its photo taken
Neke murri saw the picture and asked what the problem is? John told Neke that it is the picture of his old car but in picture it looked so much advanced hi tech car. Neke asked him to show its blueprint and promise to reveal the secret of this picture.

Location: Neke tech lab:
Researchers told Neke that this car is working on some kind of nuclear energy and less of photon drive technology which is not discovered yet.
Neke told John that this machine has its own AI mind so it can shoot object with its own intelligence.
John again starts his research and advanced the machine with low power ultra dialect conductor.
Now John fit this machine in its car and drives in his local city. He took a lot of pics by this machine and takes a last shot and sudden battery dead.  After reaching his lab he uploads it to Lucy. In every photo city looks awesome but in some last images city looks like debris in one photo a building looks like collapse due to earthquake Lucy confirms it. John just save this image in his mobile, Bella phone john and invite him to her birthday party tomorrow at evening 04:00 PM. But John says that he has to complete some work but Bella didn’t want any excuses from John.
Next day:
03:00 PM
Lucy told John that he has done a lot of work today and has to go Bella’s party for refreshment at 04:00 pm today.
John agrees and drives his car to Bella’s party.
Lucy show him the navigation john asked Lucy this is the same place which photo I have taken at last.
Yes sir, Lucy confirms it. John becomes excited to know this. John asked Lucy to show him the fast route. She does as he want, sudden red light! John’s car stops in the first row of roundabout. John observes the destination is about 0.7 km only in 2 min. he sudden saw a school children parade going through this way where john is going also. Then he remembers something and asked Lucy to display that captured “iscan” image in his car display and zoom it. He saw some school children were injured in the image. John become panic and calls his girlfriend Bella but due to party music noise she didn’t receive his call. John arrived there and again calls Bella after 2 min John saw the school march is coming through this way they are at very near distance. Bella’s friend told her about phone call and Bella pick up the call and talk to john. John told Bella that he got an accident near her building he need her help. Bella told all her guests about this and all guest follow Bella in hurry or shouting to see them going so fast all the persons living on the building asked them why they are running? Some one answer them building caught fire so they are leaving, One by one all the persons came on the road. Bella saw John was standing on the other side of the Road, to see him Bella got angry and asked john why he ruined her birthday party with this false joke.
Sudden an earth quake came. John asked all the persons to resists the children and passersby. Building collapsed and ruined. To see this all person scared and thank God to save their life.
Bella again asked John why he did this? But john says nothing! And leave. Bella got some doubt about john that he is not revealing the truth.
John Lab:
At 06:30 pm
John again compiles the machine code and asked Lucy to operate and analysis. Lucy told John a lot of energy split the imac sensor between 14 dimensions and each dimension has its own time dilation. John told Lucy to start the program and show him the 14 dimensions.
Lucy starts the program but john couldn’t understand the 14 dimensions because till then he knows only 10th dimensions only. John makes some modification in its code but not success. John asked Lucy to show him the today’s earthquake event with the help of his car dash cam john calculate the time of event and photo taken time calculate the difference of time of both. He now enters the time dilation module script in this code and run the program. “But still something is missing”, Lucy said!
John asked Lucy to show him the image blueprint on his screen. John analysis the image and its properties with its last power consumed by iscan machine. Make some quantum calculation and find a result of power difference is also related to time dilation. He changes its power difference with time dilations and starts the iscan machine.
Now the machine was so stable than before and Lucy congrats John to reveal the 14th dimensions. Now John commands Lucy to show him the dimensions in a spectrum. Lucy shows him the spectrum images with time dilation.
Now first John enters 1st dimension, he can watch only front and back
Then second now he can observe left and right also
Then third…fourth.. so on.
At the end he enters in 14 dimensions now he can observe everything that he cannot before. John commands Lucy to shot him with laser 400k. Lucy warns him that it is so dangerous for him he will sudden died if she does this! But John conform it and Lucy start with laser. John’s body split into two pieces and disappeared. But sudden john appears with alright. He again commands Lucy to do it as fast as can be possible Lucy executed! John appears injured for the moment and sudden appears good.
 John becomes so excited to feel this miracle and cheers!  And shouted in excitement. In very first morning he told his assistant boat to make a space for his car in his warehouse. And John starts his car modification he installs the iscan machine in it and powered it by ARC reactor turbine engine in it. John make his car exactly same that was appears in the first image of iscan machine.  Now car get ready for testing. He drives it on the Manchester’s wide roads with the speed of 180 miles/hours. John commands Lucy to speed up the car and start time delay in respect of speed. Speed increase 250…300...and the car rockets. Car surpasses the airplane when it reached 600 miles/hours.   zommmm….
Sudden red traffic light blow John shouted ….ahhh! And apply the dimension of 14th. Car cross the traffic and building with the speed of 1200 miles/hour. Actually his car was running in future time. He shouted! Oooo.. My God! That is fantastic.
Some Decra agent tries to steal the iscan machine from John but Bella help John and John insert a virus code in iscan machine. Some unusual event occurs in John’s life and He decided to help Field for retaliation of his father’s death. John accomplishes a couple of missions for Field and become as popular as a super hero.
Location: Field Head Quarter
Field agents observe that their satellites caught something unusual event in the space. They confirm it with the black hole appearing near to Earth. Whole world watching this; Black Hole is coming to Earth.
If that happens whole earth will be swallowed by Black Hole and everything would be destroyed. With the help of world space agencies they succeed only to compress the black hole but couldn’t destroyed it, because it is created by some other world persons and some other kind of energy belong to the black hole. It can only be destroyed by Beserect cube. They do last time. Finally a space ship appears coming to Earth. A skull face person came to earth and asks for “Beserect cube” to the “super soldier”. Super soldier told him that their team has put all gems to the deserved location and now they have not “Beserect cube” with them. Skull don’t believe super soldier and fight with him. Super soldier is now weak and old and he cannot fight Skull well. On the other hand Skull was much more powerful with the “Time gem” he own which was stolen from “Leeza Ban” in Nepal and killed her. Skull threatened him he will come back and destroyed all humanity if he didn’t get the Beserect cube.
Field director called all their super heroes team to solve the problem.
Skull again arrived there and fight with super heroes no one can fight skull because he can use time loop and revived every time. Skull almost kills all the super heroes. Bella ask John for help. She tell john about herself and their work. John agrees to help and face skull. John talk to skull and say to go back home. Skull through some big object to him but john uses time loop he survives like skull. Everyone amazed to see him alive by skull attract.
Note: Now john convert the Iscan machine to very compact size fitted to his left hand.
John asked for help to super soldier but he is so old that he cannot fight well. John became so tired to fight with Skull. Now John thinks something and put a hand to super soldier and takes him from the past when super soldier was young. Now the young super soldier fights with skull. John has not created any weapon technology and he need neno tech light weight weapon to fight with skull. Steel bird’s wife arrived there to help. But she couldn’t help John. She told John that if Stell bird became alive he could help john in neno tech weapon. Now john decided to go back in past and carry the Stell Bird with them. John talks to Stell bird about the situation. Stell bird tells John why he does this he is just going to kill the “Himos”. John asks him to software information share. Lucy copies all the stell bird suit neno tech script and apply to the John body. Now john body becomes neno tech weapon that cannot be easily destroyed. Now John again takes steel bird to the past where he was fighting with Himos. But fortunately Steel bird AI program also make a copy of John ISCAN machine. So now Steel Bird also can use the time loop and various unknown metals weapon with the neno tech. then Stell bird killed the Himos. John was hit by Skull and touch Bheem. John’s blood appears and he became angry and John transforms in to a giant Bheem and give skull a “dhobi pachhad” all of a sudden Steel Bird appears behind the super soldier. Now Steel bird was much more powerful than before he also know about zero dimention which John doesn’t know. Stell bird took the Skull to the different time and fight but result is zero then Stell remember the place where the zero dimensions was used in ancient Indian history. Which was described in Bhagwat Geeta” he read when he visited Mathura city in “India”? Stell go 5000 BC to fight with skull and reached at Kurukshetra. Skull through stell on a chariot and the chariot wheel swallowed by Earth. Skull through cosmic rays on Stell but it touches a yodhya’s forehead. Now Stell’s weapon was not working so good due to zero dimension. And he just put a wheel of chariot and through on skull neck and skull dies. Then sudden zero dimension ends and Stell returns to the city. They saved the world.

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